How It Works

Thank you for selling your miles or points to Top Dollar Payouts!


Please reading below to understand the process and what happens before, during and after the procedure.


We will manually verify the account for accuracy purposes based on the information you have given. Should we have any questions we will call you directly on the phone.


If you chose to receive a PayPal payment, payment will be sent within 24 hours (usually sooner).
If you chose Wire Transfer payment, the payment will be sent by on the next business banking day after the date of the redemption of the points or miles. (excluding weekends and or public holidays)

We recommend choosing PayPal as your payment method for the fastest payout.


The miles we purchased from you will be used to book tickets for our clients. You will receive a confirmation email for this booking since it is being issued from your account. Do not be surprised to see this booking under a name you do not recognize.


The points we buy from you are transferred out of your account into a partner airline program. You will receive an email from the award program confirming that a transfer has been made from your account and will be to one of our clients.

- Keep in mind the miles or points we purchased from you may not be used right away. Top Dollar Payouts will need access to the account and the miles or points purchased for up to 9 months

- Should you continue to earn miles or points, we may contact you to see if you're interested in selling more, but we will never use even one mile or point more than purchased without your advance permission.

- Occasionally we will need to add miles to your airline account to issue a ticket (example: if you have 193,000 miles in your account but 200,000 miles are needed to issue a ticket, then we may transfer 7,000 additional miles to your account at our expense). You should not think that you earned more miles or that we are "over-using" the miles you have agreed to sell.


While selling award miles or points is not illegal, it does go against airlines' or award programs' internal policies. Any questions about flights booked or transfers from your account should be directed to Top Dollar Payouts. If you are unsure if a Top Dollar Payouts agent booked a flight or issued a transfer, please contact us directly to confirm this for you.

If an airline or award program calls or sends you an email, we ask you not to communicate with them at all. This means hang up the phone if you already answered. You may be in violation of their policies by selling your miles or points.

Kindly DO NOT change your Pin and or Password on the account until the flight booking or transfer is complete. It would only be fair since we paid you in advance, if a pin/password is changed, we will need to start a chargeback. Once we inform you that we've utilized your miles/points, you will resume normal and full control of your account and of course set a new password.

If you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to call or email your Award Point Expert immediately. We want to make sure you are completely informed as to all the "ins-and-outs" of what we do so we can assure a smooth transaction.


Nick Nolte

Point & Miles Expert at Top Dollar Payouts

Direct/ WhatsApp: +1 613 321 3797
US: (877) 807 3655 - 31
(1930 Village Center Circle #3-3628, Las Vegas, NV 89134)
UK: (0800) 048 7401 - 31
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