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Avianca LifeMiles, a key feature of Avianca Airlines’ offerings, is recognized for its benefits and alliance with the prestigious Star Alliance network, enabling bookings with global carriers. However, despite these advantages, members frequently face technical issues and less-than-ideal customer service, which can significantly reduce the practical value of these miles. This is where Top Dollar Payouts come into play. We provide a straightforward, efficient solution for selling Avianca Airlines Lifemiles, ensuring you receive optimal value from your miles without the hassle and uncertainty associated with traditional redemptions.
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How to Earn Avianca Lifemiles?

Earning Avianca LifeMiles can be a rewarding venture, with multiple avenues to accrue points. Here are some of the most effective methods:

  • SPG Points Transfer: Since 2016, transferring 20,000 Star Points to LifeMiles has been rewarded with a bonus of 5,000 LifeMiles, enhancing the value of your points.

  • Flying Star Alliance Airlines: By crediting flights from any Star Alliance airline to Avianca, you can accumulate LifeMiles. This includes flights with global carriers in the network.

  • United Economy Tickets: Earn points by crediting paid flights with Aeromexico and Iberia to your LifeMiles account.

  • Co-branded Credit Cards: The Avianca Vuela Visa Card and Avianca Vida Visa Card, introduced in late 2016 for U.S. residents, offer a straightforward way to earn LifeMiles on everyday purchases.

  • Bookings via Online Travel Agencies: Earn between 1 to 25 LifeMiles per dollar spent when booking through platforms like and

  • Global Chains Tie-ins: Link your LifeMiles account to your stays at hotel chains like SPG and Hilton to earn miles per stay or per dollar spent.

  • Citi Thank You Points: Utilize credit cards like the Citi Prestige and Citi Thank You Premier to convert points into LifeMiles at a 1:1 ratio.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Redeeming Avianca LifeMiles

When considering whether to use or sell your Avianca LifeMiles, it’s crucial to weigh the program’s advantages and disadvantages. On the plus side, LifeMiles offers a no-fuel-surcharge policy, allowing you to redeem miles on any airline in their network without worrying about extra fees. This can significantly lower the cost of your tickets.

Additionally, the program’s flexibility shines with its Cash & Miles Redemption option, where you can pay for flights using a mix of cash and miles, with a requirement of only 40% in miles. This feature is particularly beneficial for those who don’t have enough miles to cover an entire trip. Moreover, Avianca distinguishes itself by not charging a close-in booking fee, making it an appealing choice for last-minute travelers who need to book flights close to their departure date without incurring additional costs.

However, the program isn’t without its drawbacks. Every booking through LifeMiles incurs a flat $25 fee, which can add up, especially for frequent travelers or those booking multiple tickets. Another significant limitation is the absence of stopover privileges, which restricts travelers from enjoying multiple destinations on a single redemption – a feature often valued by savvy flyers looking to maximize their travel experiences.

Furthermore, language barriers in Avianca’s call centers can pose challenges, particularly for non-Spanish-speaking members, potentially complicating the booking process and customer service experience.

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Reasons to Sell Avianca LifeMiles

Deciding to sell your Avianca LifeMiles can be a strategic move, especially when considering the challenges associated with the program:

  1. Challenge in Attaining Status: Achieving elite statuses like Gold or Silver in the LifeMiles program demands a significant number of paid flights, with Silver Status requiring 22,000 paid miles and Gold Status needing 40,000 paid miles, including thousands flown specifically on Avianca. The elusive Diamond status, with even higher requirements, underscores the difficulty in leveraging these miles for substantial benefits.

  2. Challenges in Redeeming: LifeMiles members often face unannounced devaluations, which can unexpectedly increase award rates, thus diminishing the value of miles already accrued.

  3. Limited Availability: The scarcity of award seats, combined with blackout dates and high demand, frequently limits the opportunity to redeem miles for desired flights.

  4. Sell for Cash: Offloading your LifeMiles for cash with Top Dollar Payouts offers a level of flexibility and freedom not available within the program’s confines. This option liberates you from the limitations and uncertainties of mile redemption.

  5. Maximizing Value: By selling your miles, you gain the ability to book the flights you want without restrictions, and importantly, you can earn miles on these paid flights, a benefit not available when redeeming miles for tickets.

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What Are Avianca LifeMiles Worth?

The value of Avianca LifeMiles is not fixed; it varies based on several factors, such as the total number of miles you possess, the chosen redemption option, and the demand for specific flight routes. Pinpointing the exact value of your miles can be a complex task. Often, instant quote services charge fees and provide generic estimates that may not accurately reflect the unique worth of your specific miles.

To ensure you get the most favorable rate for your LifeMiles, consider selling them through a reputable miles broker like Top Dollar Payouts. We offer a no-obligation, free quote service. This means you’re under no pressure to sell if you choose not to, and there’s no charge for receiving this personalized quote. Although it takes approximately 15 minutes to receive your tailored quote, this approach ensures you get an evaluation that truly reflects the value of your LifeMiles, making the decision to sell both informed and beneficial.

What’s the Easiest Way of Selling Avianca Airlines Miles?

Selling your Avianca Airlines miles is straightforward and hassle-free with Top Dollar Payouts. Here’s our step-by-step process:

  1. Website Visit and Information Submission: Start by visiting the Top Dollar Payouts website. Here, you’ll find a simple form. Fill in your details: name, email, contact number, and the amount of Avianca LifeMiles you have. 30,000 Avianca Miles is the minimum amount of miles you can sell.

  2. Receive Your Expedited Quote: After submitting your form, you’ll receive a response within approximately 15 minutes. This email will include a personalized quote reflecting the current market value of your Avianca LifeMiles.

  3. Consultation and Quote Adjustment: Following the initial quote, our team will contact you via phone to address any questions and adjust the quote if necessary. This ensures the offer aligns with the true worth of your miles.

  4. Secure Data Submission: Once you accept our offer, you’ll be guided to provide your account details through a secure link, ensuring the safety of your personal information throughout the transaction.

  5. Verification and Compliance Check: We then conduct a thorough review of your Avianca LifeMiles account for compliance and fraud prevention, maintaining the integrity of our service.

  6. Efficient and Safe Payment Process: Upon successful account verification, we process your payment. If you opt for a verified PayPal account, the transfer is completed within one business day. For bank transfers, we ensure a swift and secure transaction as soon as the miles have been consumed towards a flight or reward. Bank transfers may take slightly longer than the Paypal method.

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Do Avianca Airline Miles Expire?

Yes, Avianca Airline miles do expire, and quite swiftly at that, which is a compelling reason to consider selling them. For regular members, miles remain valid for 12 months following the most recent account activity, whereas for elite members, this duration extends to 24 months. The relatively short expiration period can often catch mile holders off guard, leading to the loss of accumulated miles.

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Frequently Asked Questions

To keep your LifeMiles from expiring, you can engage in several activities: transferring points from flexible rewards programs, purchasing additional LifeMiles, transferring miles between members, or choosing to sell them through Top Dollar Payouts. Each of these methods can reset the expiration clock on your miles, ensuring you retain their value.
No, you cannot sell Avianca Airlines (LifeMiles) miles if you are not a member of the LifeMiles program. However, Top Dollar Payouts caters to a variety of other miles and points programs. These include major airlines and credit card points programs, such as American Express Membership Rewards, Delta SkyMiles, United MileagePlus, and Chase Ultimate Rewards, providing you with ample opportunities to convert different types of points and miles into cash.