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Have you ever wondered about the real value of your accumulated United Miles? What if these digital points could be converted into tangible assets—like cold, hard cash? At Top Dollar Payouts, we take your United Miles to the next level by offering you a platform to sell them effortlessly for the best possible price.
Whether you’ve earned your miles through frequent flying with United Airlines, using a credit card associated with the United Mileage Plus program, or through partner airlines in the Star Alliance network, those miles are more than just numbers—they’re opportunities. And now, with our fast, easy, and secure process, you can capitalize on them.
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How to Earn United Miles?

As one of the founding members of the Star Alliance and the third-highest revenue-producing airline globally, United Airlines has a robust loyalty program that resonates especially with domestic travelers. With headquarters in Chicago and a fleet of over 700 aircraft, the airline’s reach is truly global.

The Breadth of Earning Opportunities

Earning United Miles isn’t just limited to flights with United Airlines or its 28 partner airlines under the Star Alliance banner, such as Hawaiian Airlines and Aer Lingus. United has expanded its MileagePlus program to include a variety of ways to earn miles, offering partnerships with home and auto insurance companies, lending companies, and even luxury automobile brands like Mercedes-Benz.

Leverage Credit Cards for More Miles

Credit cards associated with the United MileagePlus program like the United Explorer Card and United Mileage Plus Club Card further accelerate your mile-earning potential. For instance, the United Explorer Card allows you to accrue two miles for each dollar spent on eligible United Airlines travel, lodging, and food costs. But the benefits don’t just stop there. You can also earn one mile per dollar on other qualifying purchases, making it easier than ever to accumulate miles quickly.

Leverage Credit Cards for More Miles

The process of earning United Miles might be incredibly diverse, but redeeming them can be a challenge. Whether it’s finding flights that fit your schedule or meeting the various terms and conditions, redeeming miles is often easier said than done.

So, if you find yourself in a sea of United Miles with few practical ways to redeem them, why not consider turning them into cash? After all, United Airlines miles are assets rather than just a means of transportation. Assets can be sold for real value.

Can I Sell United Miles for Cash?

Yes, you can definitely exchange your United Miles for cash. While United’s MileagePlus program is designed primarily to reward loyal customers with perks like free flights, upgrades, and other travel benefits, the miles you accumulate aren’t confined to the skies. They can also be transformed into financial assets that enrich your wallet. And this is precisely where Top Dollar Payouts steps in—offering a streamlined platform that allows you to convert your miles into cash easily, securely, and quickly.

What’s the Cash Value of Your United Miles?

Determining the exact cash value of your United Miles can be a bit complicated because it depends on various factors such as the current market demand, your mileage balance, and even the time of year. However, the good news is that with Top Dollar Payouts, you are guaranteed to receive the top dollar for your miles.

While we could give you a ballpark figure here, the most accurate way to understand what your miles are truly worth is to get a free quote from us. Unlike other miles brokers that take days or even weeks to validate your account and provide a quote, our process is swift and secure, typically wrapping up on the same day we receive your submission. All it takes is five minutes to fill out our online form, and you could be well on your way to cashing in on those hard-earned United Miles.

Cash Value of Your United Miles

Is Selling United Miles Worth It? Advantages of Selling United MileagePlus Miles 

Absolutely, selling your United Miles can be a lucrative venture, especially if you find yourself accumulating more miles than you can realistically redeem. While United Air Miles do not expire, let’s face it, they can go unused for various reasons like schedule constraints or travel restrictions.

  • Given that airlines have the discretion to dictate how much your miles are worth, your stockpile can lose its value overnight. When you choose to sell United Miles, you’re essentially converting a depreciating asset into cash.

  • Moreover, United Airlines doesn’t provide a standard award chart. The absence of a fixed redemption rate means the cost of using your miles can swing unpredictably based on factors like date, time, and route. Consequently, you might find yourself unable to score the travel bargain you’d envisioned.

  • Another limitation with United MileagePlus Miles—as is the case with most airline rewards programs—is their lack of flexibility. The miles are locked into the United network and its partners, leaving you with a narrow range of redemption options.

Selling your miles can liberate you from these constraints. By converting your points into cash, you gain immediate, flexible value that can be used however you see fit, be it for an experience not dictated by an airline’s terms or for other financial priorities. So, when you consider the fluctuating worth and restricted usability of United MileagePlus Miles, liquidating them might just be your best route to maximizing their value.

How to Sell United Airline Miles Online

Unlock the potential of your United Miles with our simple three-step process. At Top Dollar Payouts, we’ve streamlined the journey from miles to cash, making it hassle-free, swift, and secure for you.

1. Hassle-Free Process

The first step in your journey to monetize your United Miles is straightforward and hassle-free. Fill out the online form to provide your redeemed United Miles, MileagePlus Miles, and user profile details. Our secure platform ensures your information stays confidential, setting the stage for a smooth transaction.

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2. Secure Quote

Upon receiving your details, we waste no time. You’ll receive a no-obligation quote for your miles from our Miles Experts immediately on your email. We also keep the conversation going with follow-up calls and automated reminders, ensuring a smooth experience. Feel free to negotiate the quote to match your satisfaction. Unlike other miles brokers, our process is incredibly fast, allowing you to know the value of your United Miles within 15 minutes of submitting the form.

3. Swift Cash Transfer

Once you approve the quote, promptly proceed with submitting your account information via our secure link, we’ll quickly review and approve it. Choose your preferred method—whether it’s an instant PayPal transfer or a wire/ACH bank transfer direct to your bank. Rest assured, you will receive top dollar payouts for your United MileagePlus Miles, guaranteed.

Why Convert United Miles into Cash with Top Dollar Payouts

Why settle for miles that might expire when you can convert them into cash? At Top Dollar Payouts, we offer the most competitive rates for your United Miles, ensuring a swift and secure transaction process.

Competitive Pricing

If you’re looking to sell United Miles, you should know that Top Dollar Payouts offers the most favorable rates in the market. We take pleasure in paying you top cash for your miles and making sure you receive the value you are entitled to. Our extensive network with travel agencies and business travelers worldwide allows us to offer you competitive pricing that you won’t find anywhere else.

Efficient Process

Time is money, and we understand that. Our efficient, streamlined process ensures that you can go from having unused United Miles to having cash in your pocket in no time. Our easy three-step procedure—hassle-free sign-up, quotation, and secured cash transfer—means you spend less time wondering and more time enjoying your earnings.

Guaranteed Security

Selling miles is a big decision, and we take that seriously. Because of this, Top Dollar Payouts promises the highest level of security and privacy throughout the transaction. The transaction you make is secure with us, and your data is safeguarded. Simply put, you may confidently move forward knowing that we have you covered at every turn.

Additional Considerations for Selling United MileagePlus Miles

Before you decide to cash in on your United MileagePlus Miles, there are a few things you might want to consider. First off, as a new member of the United MileagePlus program, you’ll start earning award miles based on the ticket price of your flights. This is a great initial boost to your miles balance.

But that’s not all; you can also rack up award miles based on the distance you’ve flown, especially if you’re purchasing specialty tickets or booking for groups. The miles keep adding up, enhancing the attractiveness of selling them for cash later.

Another crucial factor to consider is Premier Qualifying Miles (PQMs). These are special miles that help you ascend the ranks of the MileagePlus membership levels. You can earn more PQMs mileage plus miles by booking a higher fare class. For example, Economy tickets yield 100% PQMs of the award miles you receive, while full-priced Business and First-Class tickets can boost that rate to a whopping 300%.

So, when you’re considering selling your United Miles, remember that there are multiple avenues for earning miles, and the more strategic you are, the more valuable your miles become. By understanding these intricacies, you can make an informed decision and get the most bang for your buck when you decide to sell United Airlines miles.

Frequently Asked Questions

United MileagePlus miles do not expire. This offers flexibility in how you use your miles, whether you decide to redeem them for flights, upgrades, or other perks. Still, if you’re not planning to use them soon, selling them could be a profitable option.
Yes, it’s possible to convert United miles into cash through various mileage brokers or online platforms that specialize in buying and selling miles. To ensure a secure transaction, it is imperative to select a reputable service.
The “best” place to sell your airline miles would depend on several factors, including the rates offered, the transaction’s speed, and the service’s trustworthiness. Doing your research and perhaps looking for customer reviews before selling your miles is advisable. Top Dollar Payouts is committed to providing you with premium rates for your valuable United Miles. Through our fast and safe transaction procedure, you’re merely a few steps away from converting those miles into tangible cash in your pocket.
The monetary value of 100,000 United miles can vary depending on how you use them. For instance, they might be enough for a round-trip international flight in business class but that depends on the destination and date. When selling, the rate you get could range widely, depending on the buyer. The best way to find out is to get a free quote from Top Dollar Payouts.
Like with 100,000 miles, the worth of 65,000 United miles can differ based on various factors such as demand, the selling platform’s rates, and how you choose to use them if you keep them. They could cover a domestic round-trip flight or be used for several upgrades. You can check the exact value of your miles in cash with our quote which is completely free.
Like with 100,000 miles, the worth of 65,000 United miles can differ based on various factors such as demand, the selling platform’s rates, and how you choose to use them if you keep them. They could cover a domestic round-trip flight or be used for several upgrades. You can check the exact value of your miles in cash with our quote which is completely free.
85,000 United miles might be sufficient for a one-way international flight in business class or used for an upgrade of an existing ticket. The cash value if you decide to sell will depend on current market rates and the specific platform you use for the sale. We can give you a free quote today so you can find out the actual worth of your miles in cash.