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From a single purchase at Los Angeles International Airport to a global hospitality giant, Hyatt has evolved significantly since Jay Pritzker laid its foundation in 1957 with a modest investment of $2.2 million. The Hyatt empire, renowned for its familial atmosphere extending from its employees to clients, has a diverse portfolio, including Hyatt House, Park Hyatt, and Hyatt Regency, among its 14 distinctive brands.

Today, the Hyatt Hotels Corporation boasts an annual net income of $6.67 billion, a testament to its growth and success. This story of expansion reflects Hyatt’s dedication to hospitality and service and highlights the valuable opportunity you have to sell Hyatt points in a market that values them highly.
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What Are Hyatt Points?

Hyatt Points is part of a loyalty program catching everyone’s attention, mainly because it’s more focused on hotels than airlines or general travel. When you think about Hyatt, quality service and excellence come to mind, right? That’s precisely what their loyalty program aims to deliver.

So, how does it work? For example, consider getting a free hotel stay to sign up for a Hyatt Credit Card or Hyatt Vacation Club. Sounds great, doesn’t it? But it gets better. The more points you gather, the more perks you unlock.

These points make it easier to enjoy what Hyatt offers. Joining the program is free and introduces you to membership levels like Globalist, Explorist, and Discoverist.

You’re not just stuck with these points; you have options. You can buy or earn points and, yes, sell Hyatt points pretty smoothly. They have a high demand, making selling a potentially profitable move. Unlike other points, Hyatt Points are easy to deal with, thanks to their global recognition. This ease of transaction is a big plus for anyone looking to sell.

How Do You Earn Hyatt Points?

Hyatt Points, a key feature of Hyatt’s loyalty program, offers a straightforward way to gain rewards through various activities. When you stay at Hyatt hotels, dine at their restaurants, or unwind at their spa services, you earn 5 points for each dollar you spend.

For those seeking unique experiences, Hyatt’s FIND platform rewards you with 10 points per dollar. Stays at Small Luxury Hotels (SLH) of the World also contribute 5 points for every dollar. Hyatt Credit Card amplifies your earning potential, granting bonus points on all purchases and an exclusive 500 bonus points for Avis car rentals.

How To Optimize Reward Benefits?

Start with a significant boost of up to 60,000 bonus points. Here’s how:

Initially, you’ll secure 40,000 bonus points simply by spending $3,000 on purchases in the first three months. Then, add 20,000 more bonus points to your tally by extending your spending to $6,000 within the first six months.

Beyond these initial rewards, your everyday spending on the Hyatt program transforms into points accumulation. Enjoy 9 points for every dollar on Hyatt stays and experiences, thanks to the combined earnings from your World of Hyatt membership and credit card. Your travels, dining out, and even flights earn you 2 points per dollar, while all other purchases contribute 1 point per dollar spent.

Different Tiers of Membership

Hyatt’s membership program makes your travels more rewarding, with benefits that grow as you climb the tiers. Every level includes excellent perks like free WiFi, no resort fees, breakfast on the house, and easy check-in and check-out for free nights. Here’s how each tier adds more value to your travels:

  • Member: Starting as a Member, you get up to 10% off at Hyatt hotels. You can spend points on free nights, airline miles, and car rentals. It’s a flexible way to redeem them to make your travels or stays a bit more special without extra cost.

  • Discoverist: Moving up to Discoverist, you get even better internet for free, a water bottle every day, and a free night after staying at 5 different Hyatt brands. Plus, you earn 10% more points on what you spend, making it quicker to earn miles & get rewards.

  • Explorist: As an Explorist, you enjoy all the previous levels’ perks, plus upgrades to nicer rooms when available. You also get access to the club lounge four times a year, which includes complimentary breakfast. With a 20% bonus on points for your spending, saving up for the next trip is easier.

  • Globalist: The top tier, Globalist, offers the best of everything: all the previous benefits, plus free parking on award nights, even better room upgrades, and access to the club lounge for breakfast anytime. You also get 30% more points on your spending, helping you plan your next adventure or luxury stay even faster.

Why Sell Hyatt Points?

Selling your Hyatt points can be an intelligent financial decision, especially when the cash you receive could be more valuable than the points themselves. You want to know why it makes sense? Read below!

  1. Cash Flexibility: Cash in hand offers flexibility to spend on anything, not just travel. Whether it’s paying bills, investing, or buying something special, selling your points gives you financial freedom. And who doesn’t love themselves with some cash in their hand?

  2. Avoid Expiry Loss: Hyatt points expire after 24 months of inactivity. If you’re not planning a Hyatt stay or purchase, selling your points ensures you don’t lose them without getting anything in return.

  3. Simplify Life: Managing points means keeping track of balances, expiry dates, and redemption options. Selling them simplifies your finances, freeing up time and mental space.

  4. Guaranteed Value: The travel market fluctuates, but cash offers a guaranteed value for your points. We provide competitive rates, turning your points into a surefire gain.

  5. Selling your Hyatt points to us is straightforward, secure, and financially wise. Instead of letting points expire or settling for less value, sell them for cash to use as you see fit. It’s a smart move for immediate and tangible benefits.

Steps to Sell Hyatt Points Online

Now that we have given you the reasons, we think it’s in your best interest to sell Hyatt points. Below are three easy steps for selling Hyatt points-

Online Form Submission: Kickstarting Your Transaction


To start, head to our website & fill out the form. Please fill it out with your information accurately to make sure everything goes smoothly. This step is vital for getting your quote and moving your money forward with payment.

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Quotation and Negotiation: Getting and Agreeing on Your Quote

Once you’ve submitted the form, look for an email within 15 minutes with your quote and a link for the next steps. We’ll also call you to review the details and negotiate if needed. You might get a few reminder emails to keep things on track.

Securing Payment: Finalizing Your Payment

After agreeing on the quote, use the link we sent to provide us your account details. Once everything’s approved, you’ll get your payment through a verified PayPal account in a day.

Where to Sell Your Hyatt Points?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can sell Hyatt Points for cash online. Platforms like Top Dollar Payouts specialize in securely converting your points into money, offering a streamlined and efficient process.
The worth of 50,000 World of Hyatt Points varies based on several factors, including market demand and redemption values. It’s best to consult a reliable points exchange service for an accurate valuation.
Similar to the fair price of 50,000 points, the value of 80,000 Hyatt Points depends on various factors. The actual worth can fluctuate, so getting a current quote from a points exchange expert is advisable.
To convert hotel points to cash, use a reputable points-selling and transfer platform like Top Dollar Payout. These services evaluate your points and offer some money, facilitating a smooth and secure transaction.