Sell Turkish Airline Points & Miles for Cash

Turkish Airlines has made a name for itself not just for its award-winning flights and amenities but also for its lucrative loyalty program. Whether you’ve accumulated miles from international flights or you’ve been savvy with credit cards, you now have a golden ticket to top dollar payouts that are easy, fast, and secure.

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How to Accumulate Miles & Smiles with Turkish Airlines?

Turkish Airlines has been on an award-winning spree for years, offering a top-tier flying experience whether you’re in Economy or Business Class. With Economy seats offering in-flight entertainment and amenity kits, and Business Class providing a lie-flat experience and a “flying chef,” Turkish Airlines ensures you fly in style. Now, let’s talk about making your journey even sweeter with Miles & Miles, the airline’s loyalty program that lets you a way to earn more as you fly.

Ways to Amplify Your Miles&Smiles Earnings

To begin with, Turkish Airlines runs numerous routes from key American cities such as Los Angeles, Miami, Atlanta, Washington, D.C., San Francisco, Houston, Boston, New York-JFK, and Chicago. The duration of flights to Turkey from the U.S. ranges from 11 to 14 hours, depending on your departure location. This means plenty of opportunities to pile on those miles.

Earn by Flying on Turkish Airlines

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Here’s the deal: the more you fly with a Turkish Airlines flight, the more Miles&Smiles miles you accumulate. The miles earned are calculated based on flight distance and your elite status. Domestic flights within Turkey offer a fixed number of miles, whereas international flights follow a specific formula to allocate the miles in business class.

Earn by Partnering Up

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Don’t just limit yourself to Turkish Airlines flights; one of the ways to earn Miles Smiles program miles is by flying with Star Alliance Airlines or other Turkish airlines partners. For instance, if you’re a fan of United Airlines, the number of Miles&Smiles miles you earn will be based on the distance covered by your flight and the fare type. In business or first class, you’ll earn up to 150% of the physical miles flown per award ticket.

Use Credit Cards

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While Turkish Airlines-branded credit cards might not be available in the U.S., you can still transfer points from other credit cards. Citi’s Prestige® and Premier® Cards are excellent options. They offer a 1:1 transfer ratio from credit card miles to miles and miles, making it easy to top up your account. And let’s not forget the annual fees—although higher for the Prestige® card, it does come with added travel perks.

Leverage Hotel Stays

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Consider earning Miles & Miles miles on your next stay at a Marriott Bonvoy property. Marriott allows you to either earn Miles & Miles miles directly or transfer your Bonvoy points at a 3:1 ratio to Miles & Miles.

Effective Ways to Use Turkish Miles&Smiles

Miles & Smiles offers numerous ways to capitalize on your miles. From flying to partnering with Star Alliance Airlines, there are multiple avenues to accumulate points. But what are the best ways to use these hard-earned miles? While many consider award tickets and upgrades as the go-to options, selling your Miles & Miles points for cash offers an often-overlooked yet superior alternative.

Is Trading Turkish Airlines Points for Cash a Smart Move

Selling your Miles & Miles points for cash is an undervalued approach that has its own set of advantages. It provides immediate liquidity and offers the flexibility to spend your earnings however you want, without restrictions. While the traditional thought is that using miles for upgrades or free flights offers the best value, this is not always the case.

Selling your miles can yield a better value per mile, especially during peak seasons when award flight availability is scarce. So, if you’re sitting on a mountain of miles, cashing them in might just be the greatest move you can make.

What Are Turkish Airlines Points Worth?

The value of Turkish Airlines Miles & Miles points can vary based on how you choose to use them. If you opt for award flights, the value can fluctuate based on flight availability, time of booking, and class of service. On the other hand, converting your miles into cash offers a more stable and often higher value. For instance, if you accumulate 50,000 Miles&Smiles miles, you might use them for a round-trip economy flight. However, if you choose to sell them, you could potentially earn enough cash to cover a larger portion of a flight ticket—perhaps even in business class—on your terms and your schedule.

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How to Sell Turkish Airlines Miles Online: Journey from Points to Payout

Transforming your Miles & Miles into cash is as easy as one, two, three. No need to navigate through complicated terms and conditions or wait endlessly for a flight that might never come. Instead, follow this straightforward path to financial freedom:

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3. Cash in Hand: After agreeing to the quote, you’ll have immediate cash transferred to your account, freeing you to spend your earnings any way you wish.

Convert Your Turkish Airlines Points with Top Dollar Payouts: Why Choose Us?

There are various platforms where you could potentially exchange your Turkish Airlines miles for cash, but here’s why we are unparalleled in what we offer:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Cashing out your KrisFlyer miles is straightforward. Rather than diving deep into KrisFlyer miles redemption processes, you can simply choose to sell miles. With Top Dollar Payouts, the transactions are transparent and hassle-free. Just provide us with the relevant details, await our prompt e-mail with an offer, accept it, and see your miles converted into cash in no time.
Absolutely. While it’s true that some companies impose hefty fees when you buy or transfer miles, Top Dollar Payouts believes in a fair deal. We ensure that when you decide to sell your Singapore Airlines miles, you don’t face those exorbitant costs. Instead, we prioritize your benefits, offering you a transaction that’s transparent, legal, and profitable.
While Business Class seats start at 40,500 KrisFlyer miles, some flights can go for 190,000 miles or more round-trip. So it’s essential to weigh these benefits against direct cash value. Often, the advantages of these mile redemptions might be attainable for less if you were to pay cash directly. Hence, selling your miles might give you more financial flexibility and value. To find out the exact value of your miles, reach out to Top Dollar Payouts for a free quote.