How to Get Airline Miles Quickly? Maximize Your Travel Rewards Now

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How to Get Airline Miles Quickly

Recent data from Longwoods International’s monthly survey highlights a growing trend: 93% of travelers in January have plans for the next six months, up from 92% in December. This surge in travel intent makes it even more important to accumulate airline miles quickly.

Gathering airline miles quickly is a practical strategy to keep your travel dreams on track. After all, who hasn’t daydreamed about boarding with just the right amount of miles in their account at a moment’s notice? But here’s the catch – those miles you’ve been slowly collecting? They could disappear if you’re not careful.

Loyalty programs have a ticking clock; go a year or three without adding to your pile or booking a flight, and you might find your miles have vanished overnight. This is really about keeping your travel options wide open. With the right moves, those miles can mean spontaneous trips and unexpected upgrades.

So, let’s get into how you can speed up your mile game, making every point count before they slip through your fingers.

7 Ways to Get Airline Miles Quickly

Ready to grab your airline miles quickly? It’s simpler than you think. With strategic moves and intelligent spending, you can easily boost your miles quickly, turning everyday activities into your ticket to the next adventure. Here are some of the quickest ways to earn.

1. Swap Your Credit Card Points for Flight Miles

Credit card companies reward you for spending through them. You get points for every purchase, whether regular grocery purchases or car fuel. You earn through co-branded credit cards and travel rewards credit cards. Both can fetch you a good chunk of miles and points through a sign up bonus or spend each time through the card.

From American Express Membership Rewards credit card to Chase Ultimate Rewards, these co-branded airline credit cards make your everyday spending more rewarding and often come packed with welcome bonuses. You can transfer the points you’ve already stocked directly to your preferred airline loyalty program for an instant miles boost.

2. Shop and Dine Your Way to More Miles

But why stop there? Engage in a bit of retail therapy or dine out through your airline’s shopping and dining portals. With every online spree via Southwest Rapid Rewards or a dinner linked to Delta SkyMiles, you’re not just satisfying your cravings or updating your wardrobe; you’re stacking up more airline miles.

Go through the rewards program’s portal before you shop, or sign up for your card with a dining rewards program to earn miles on the fly. Remember, while signing up for multiple dining programs is fair game, your credit card can only be linked to one at a time.

3. Purchase Miles Directly from Airlines

Buying airline miles directly might seem appealing if patience isn’t your strong suit. Before you do, crunch some numbers. The cost per mile, such as Delta‘s rate of $0.035, often exceeds the value you’d squeeze out of each point.

Although it’s an instant way to fill your frequent flyer miles bucket, ensuring you’re getting a good deal is crucial. So, weigh your options carefully; sometimes, the fastest route to miles can come with a premium.

4. Hit the Spending Threshold for Extra Miles

Earning extra miles is about playing the game smartly. When you get a new card, hitting that spending limit is your first big opportunity. This is the gateway to amazing welcome bonuses. But here’s the key: balance your ambition with financial wisdom. Going over the limit to snag bonus miles could lead you down a complex path. Instead, align this spending with planned purchases or monthly expenses to avoid unwelcome debt.

5. Snag a Bonus in Points or Miles

The journey to earn airline miles doesn’t end there. Watch for opportunities to grab a bonus in points or miles, a feature many credit card issuers roll out regularly. These bonuses can significantly bump up your balance, whether extra points on dining or a heap of miles for hitting a specific spending mark within a set timeframe.

If you travel often, you can also earn frequent flyer miles. The magic is in the details, though. Reading the fine print reveals the terms and ensures you’re capitalizing on these offers wisely, turning routine spending into a goldmine of travel potential.

6. Leverage Surveys, Promotions, etc Your Way

Beyond credit cards, think outside the box by using surveys, promotions, and more. Airlines and hotels occasionally offer bonuses for engaging with their brand by taking a survey or signing up for a newsletter. While these bonuses might seem modest—typically ranging from 100 to 1,000 points—they can accumulate into a sizeable bounty over time.

7. Boost Your Balance with Airline Shopping Portals

Finally, don’t underestimate the power of airline shopping portals to boost your balance of airline miles. These portals turn everyday shopping into an opportunity to earn airline miles more than you would by walking into a store. For instance, bypass the physical store if you’re eyeing a new outfit. Instead, log in to an airline shopping portal like United Airlines, visit Gap through the portal, and make your purchase to earn triple the points for every dollar spent.

This strategy applies to clothing and includes various goods and services, multiplying your earning rate with every transaction. Whether it’s American Airlines AAdvantage eShopping or British Airways Executive Club Shopping, these portals are gateways to earn airline miles, making every dollar work harder for you.

Will My Airline Miles Expire?

Yes, the reality for most frequent flyer miles is that they expire due to inactivity, often leaving travelers in a bind. This expiration isn’t just a minor inconvenience. The loss of frequent flyer miles represents a tangible loss of potential value you’ve accumulated overflights, airline frequent flyer programs, purchases, and promotions.

Take, for example, the American Airlines AAdvantage program, where miles expire after 18 months of inactivity, or Hawaiian Airlines HawaiianMiles, which follows a similar rule. Even with a more lenient expiration policy, such as British Airways Executive Club offering 36 months, the clock on your miles is always ticking.

Moreover, the challenge with airline miles doesn’t stop at expiration. The value of miles can depreciate over time, with airlines adjusting redemption rates and requiring more miles for the same flights or benefits. This devaluation means that the miles you save today might not take you as far tomorrow, further complicating the decision of when and how to use them.

Transferring miles between programs or to another individual is often seen as a workaround to expiration and devaluation issues. However, not all airlines allow for easy transfers, and some, like Cathay Pacific Asia Miles and Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer, have stringent policies that make extending the life of your miles difficult.

Given these challenges, it might seem like the effort to earn and save miles is fraught with pitfalls. Yet, this is precisely where the opportunity to sell your miles comes into play.

Are Airline Miles Worth It?

Airline miles have become a currency in their own right, a means by which many travelers reduce travel costs, secure upgrades, and enjoy a suite of perks that enhance the travel experience. But their worth depends mainly on how they are earned, used, and sold when the time is right.

Earning miles through strategic credit card use, shopping portals, and airline promotions can indeed be a pathway to significant savings on travel. These miles open doors to exclusive travel rewards, from flight bookings to upgrades that might otherwise be unaffordable. Yet, the value of miles isn’t just in their redemption; it’s also in their potential to be liquidated for financial gain.

This is where the proposition of selling your miles seems more beneficial. The value of points through airline frequent flyer miles or airline frequent flyer programs fluctuates based on various factors, including airline changes, market demand, and the evolving market of travel rewards programs.

Holding onto miles with the hope of redeeming them for maximum value can be a gamble, as devaluations are not uncommon. Furthermore, miles can expire or diminish in worth over time, turning potential savings into missed opportunities.

Selling your miles to a trusted buyer like Top Dollar Payouts offers a compelling alternative. It transforms your miles into immediate, tangible value, ensuring you get the best possible return on your accumulated currency.

Ways to Spend Airline Miles

Exploring the avenues for spending airline miles opens up many possibilities, each offering unique benefits to the traveler.

Selling Your Points and Miles

The best possible way is to Sell your miles to a reputable buyer like Top Dollar Payouts, which can transform expiring or depreciating miles into immediate value. Instead of watching your hard-earned miles vanish or diminish in worth, selling them ensures you capitalize on their current value, providing a practical alternative to letting them expire unused.


For those curious about alternative uses, airline miles extend far beyond mere flights. Hotel upgrades present a luxurious opportunity to enhance your stay, turning a standard visit into an extraordinary experience. Many hotel loyalty programs allow you to convert miles into points, leading to luxury stays or suite upgrades.

Online Shopping Portals

Online shopping portals offer another versatile option, allowing miles to be exchanged for a wide range of goods. Whether it’s electronics, home goods, or fashion, these portals make it easy to turn miles into meaningful rewards without stepping foot outside your door.


Dining rewards programs add flavor to the mix by converting dining out or online grocery purchases into miles. Participating in restaurants and services enables you to enjoy a meal while boosting your balance, a testament to how everyday activities can fuel future travel dreams.

Flight Upgrades and Car Rentals

Car rentals and airline upgrades represent more direct travel-related uses, offering a way to enhance the journey itself. From enjoying the comfort of business class to the convenience of a rental car at your destination, these options ensure that miles serve not just as a means of transport but as an upgrade to the overall travel experience.

Each method, from using airline loyalty programs to making the most of rewards credit cards, underscores the value of miles. Yet, with the ever-present risk of devaluation and the policies of some programs, the decision to sell miles for immediate value stands out as a strategically sound choice, ensuring you maximize the return on your accumulated miles.

How to Sell Airline Miles?

Here’s a smart way to monetize your unused airline miles. Our guide simplifies the process, turning your accumulated miles into cash quickly and securely, ensuring you maximize their value effortlessly.

Filling Out the Online Form

Kickstart your miles conversion by filling out our easy-to-use online form. It’s crafted for simplicity, allowing you to provide the necessary information about your miles or points quickly.

After your submission, watch your inbox for a rapid response from us—usually within 15 minutes. This email will include a quotation for your miles and simple instructions on proceeding if you agree with our valuation.

Phone Follow-Up: Discussing Your Offer

Please expect a call from us shortly after our email. This step ensures you have all the information needed and allows you to discuss or adjust the offer. We aim to make you feel confident and satisfied with the proposal.

Secure Account Verification

Secure Account Verification when selling Airline Miles

Once you’re ready to proceed, we’ll ask you to provide your account details for secure verification. This step is pivotal in maintaining the integrity and security of the transaction, safeguarding your information, and ensuring a smooth process.

Seamless Payment Execution

We initiate the payment process upon verifying your details and finalizing the offer. PayPal is our go-to for its efficiency and security, guaranteeing you receive your funds swiftly, typically within a day after everything is confirmed.

Should you prefer an alternative to PayPal, we’re adaptable. Whether it’s a direct bank transfer or exploring options to utilize your miles for flight bookings before selling, we’re here to facilitate. Our flexibility and network with travel agencies ensure you always get the best value.

Final Words

Turning your airline miles into cash is wise, ensuring you get real value out of something that might otherwise go unused. The right approach can make selling your miles be quick, secure, and highly rewarding. Remember, the value of miles isn’t just accumulating but making them work for you. Whether for an emergency fund, extra spending money, or investing in experiences that matter, your miles hold untapped potential. Explore the possibilities with us and make the most out of every mile.

Don’t let your miles lose its value over time. With our streamlined process, converting miles to cash has never been easier or more secure. Submit your form and sell your miles to Top Dollar Payouts!


How can I get air miles fast?

The fastest way to accumulate air miles is by flying with partner airlines, using co-branded credit cards for everyday purchases, and buying miles directly from the airline. Participating in airline shopping portals and dining programs also adds up miles quickly.

How do I get the most frequent flyer miles?

Maximize frequent flyer miles by consistently flying with the same airline or its partners, using airline credit cards for all possible expenses, and taking advantage of promotional offers. Join dining rewards and complete opinion surveys to earn extra miles.

Which airline gives the most miles?

In 2022, Southwest, American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, and JetBlue were top contenders for valuable miles, with American Airlines emerging as the leader in 2023. The value of miles can vary based on redemption options and loyalty program details.

How much does 100,000 air miles get you?

The value of 100,000 air miles greatly depends on factors like the airline, season, destination, and class of service. Miles can be more valuable when booking international or business class flights but fluctuate with market dynamics and availability.

Best way to earn 2k miles quickly?

To earn 2,000 miles quickly, fly with partner airlines, engage in online shopping through airline portals, and use co-branded credit cards for daily purchases. These methods can rapidly increase your miles without significantly changing your spending habits.

How do you efficiently collect airline points?

Efficiently collect airline points by flying frequently with the same airline or alliance, using airline-affiliated credit cards, renting cars through partner services, shopping via online portals, dining out through airline dining programs, participating in surveys, and purchasing through the airline’s online bonus mall.

How to get airline miles quickly without a credit card?

Without a credit card, earn miles quickly by flying on paid tickets with your preferred airline, using airline shopping portals, dining in partner restaurants, participating in opinion surveys, and taking advantage of promotions through the airline’s online bonus mall.