How to Keep American Airlines Miles from Expiring: A Complete Guide

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How to keep american airlines miles from expiring

Flying with American Airlines offers more than just a journey to your destination; it’s also an opportunity to earn AAdvantage miles. These miles can seem like a frequent flyer’s dream currency, but there’s a caveat: they expire if not used. For those sitting on a hefty mileage balance, this poses a real problem. However, there’s another solution aside from frequent redemptions to keep your miles from expiring: selling them.

With the help of this guide, you’ll not only learn how to keep American Airlines Miles from expiring but also explore the option of converting them into cash. So why risk losing your miles when you can put them to better use? Dive in to learn more.

Do American Airlines Miles Expire?

American Airlines taking off

Navigating the skies with American Airlines isn’t just about travel; it’s also about racking up those coveted AAdvantage miles. Yet, like all good things, there’s a shelf-life, and these miles aren’t an exception. So, do they expire? In short, yes. The process of earning miles is indeed rewarding, but they do expire.

American Airlines has clear stipulations concerning the expiration of their miles. Every mile you earn with American Airlines holds its value for 24 months. Think of it as a two-year window during which you can use these miles without worry. However, if you remain inactive, with no qualifying activity to your name during this period, the miles will fade away.

But what counts as a ‘qualifying activity’? Any action that earns or redeems miles. So, if you were to take a flight, purchase through American Airlines’ partners, or even use an American Airlines credit card for a transaction, it resets your 24-month clock. The miles get a fresh start, extending their life for another two years.

Now, there’s a notable exception: youngsters under the age of 21. Their smiles are immune to expiration. Whether it’s bonus miles they’ve accrued from family trips or as gifts, they remain intact. But this protection has a limit. As they blow out the candles on their 21st birthday, the regular 24-month expiration policy starts to apply.

These miles offer fantastic opportunities, but they do demand attention. Regularly check your AAdvantage account, engage in qualifying activities, and make sure to enjoy the perks of your miles before the expiration window closes.

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How to Check Your Miles Expiration Date

Redeem American Airlines Miles

Knowing when your AAdvantage miles expire can save you from the unwanted surprise of seeing a zero balance one fine day. Luckily, American Airlines has made it relatively straightforward to track and check the expiration date of your miles.

Here’s a simple step-by-step guide to help you keep tabs on those precious miles:

  • Log in to Your AAdvantage Account: Start by visiting the American Airlines website. At the top right corner, you’ll find the login option. Enter your AAdvantage number and password to access your account.
  • Access Your Mileage Summary: Once logged in, head to the ‘My Account’ section. Here, you’ll find a breakdown of your miles, including earned, redeemed, and pending miles.
  • Check the Expiration Date: In the ‘My Account’ section, there’s a specific area highlighting the mileage expiration date. It’s prominently displayed, so you can’t miss it.
  • Set Up Email Alerts: As a precaution, set up email notifications for upcoming mile expirations. These reminders can be crucial, especially if you don’t regularly check your AAdvantage account.
  • Use Mileage Trackers: There are several apps and tools available that can help you monitor your miles across various programs. Consider using one to keep an eye on your American Airlines miles along with other loyalty programs you might be a part of.

Keeping track of your miles’ expiration date is essential to maximize the benefits of the AAdvantage program. With a few simple checks and alerts, you can ensure you never lose out on the miles you’ve earned. Remember, with every qualifying activity, that expiration date gets reset, giving you more time to plan and use your miles wisely.

Strategies on How to Keep American Airlines Miles from Expiring

Hotel bookings add miles to your account

When you’ve worked hard to earn those AAdvantage miles, letting them expire can be heart-wrenching. But fear not! Here are some smart strategies to keep your miles from expiring:

Earn American Airlines Miles Regularly

Regular engagement with your AAdvantage account is paramount. While flying with American Airlines or its partner airlines is the most direct way to earn miles, there are numerous other avenues. Consider taking online surveys tailored for AAdvantage members, or tap into promotional offers that regularly pop up on the American Airlines portal.

Car rentals, hotel bookings, and even certain promotional products can add miles to your account. By ensuring a regular inflow of miles, your account remains active, safeguarding your miles from expiration.

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Utilize AAdvantage Credit Cards

American Airlines has partnered with various credit card issuers and banks to present credit cards that reward users with AAdvantage miles for everyday purchases. With cards like the Citi® / AAdvantage® and AAdvantage® Aviator® Red Mastercard®, every purchase pushes you a step further from the expiration date.

These cards often come with a hefty sign-up bonus, and some offer additional perks such as a free checked bag or priority boarding. Additionally, using these cards for your daily expenses like groceries and gas can accelerate your mileage accumulation, making it easier to reach your next travel goal. Keep in mind, however, that the value of AAdvantage miles has been diminishing over the years, requiring more miles for the same flights, which adds another layer of urgency to put those miles to good use or consider cashing them out with Top Dollar Payouts.

Participate in Partner Programs

American Airlines’ partnership doesn’t just stop at other airlines. Hotels, car rentals, dining, and shopping outlets also play a significant role. The beauty lies in the seamless integration of these services with your AAdvantage account. Every night you spend in a partner hotel or every time you rent a car from a partner agency, miles get added to your account, pushing the AA mile expiration further.

Not only does this multi-faceted partnership help you accumulate miles faster, but it also provides a holistic travel experience where every transaction can contribute to your next adventure. However, as you rack up these miles, keep in mind that American Airlines has been steadily inflating the number of miles required for award flights, making your hard-earned miles less valuable over time.

With such depreciating value, consider whether holding onto those miles is the best strategy. If not, consider turning your idle miles into a financial resource through services like Top Dollar Payouts, making sure you get the most out of what you’ve earned.

Use American Airlines Credit Cards

Use AAdvantage credit card to earn bonus miles

Having an American Airlines-branded credit card in your wallet does wonders for your mile’s longevity. Each purchase, whether related to travel or not, accumulates miles. More importantly, when you use these cards for booking flights or other American Airlines services, you often receive bonus advantage miles, ensuring your account never goes dormant.

Buy a Cheap Flight

Sometimes, the simplest strategies are the most effective. With the myriad of deals available, booking a short-distance, inexpensive flight can extend the life of all your miles. It’s a small investment for a larger gain, especially when you consider the value of the miles you’re safeguarding.

Shop Through the AAdvantage eShopping Portal

The shopping portal acts as a bridge between your shopping habits and mileage accumulation. Top brands across categories offer products on this platform. Each purchase, be it apparel, electronics, or even daily essentials, earns bonus miles. It’s shopping with a rewarding twist.

Don’t forget to look out for seasonal promotions or special events on the shopping portal that can yield even more bonus miles per dollar spent. By setting your shopping preferences and saving your favorite brands, you’ll receive targeted offers, making it easier than ever to accumulate miles while shopping for the things you love. However, remember the best value you can gain from miles lies in hard cash.

Use the American Airlines Dining Program

Use the American Airlines Dining Program

Turn your dining experiences into mileage opportunities. With the AA dining program, every meal, be it a brunch, a family dinner, or just a coffee, has the potential to add bonus miles to your account. By registering your credit or debit card and choosing from thousands of participating restaurants, you make every bite count.

Redeem Earned American Airlines Miles

Redemption is an activity, too! Booking flights, upgrading seats, hiring rental cars, or even snagging a magazine subscription – every redemption is a testament to the activity in your account. Moreover, these redemptions allow you to enjoy the fruits of your travel labor.

The Hidden Costs and Hassles of Redemption

Redemption may seem like the logical next step for putting your AAdvantage miles to use, but is it really the most beneficial option? Try booking a flight using your hard-earned miles and you’ll quickly discover a labyrinth of limitations, blackout dates, and constantly changing mileage requirements for the same flights. The experience often falls short of the idealized “free travel” many imagine.

The Depreciating Asset: Your AAdvantage Miles

Think your miles are an investment? Think again. American Airlines regularly updates its redemption charts, often requiring more miles for the same flights. In essence, your miles are a depreciating asset. Extending them only delays their inevitable loss in value.

The Hidden Fees: Transferring AAdvantage Miles

Considering transferring miles to a family member or friend? While it might sound like a generous gesture, the fees associated with transferring miles can make this option financially unwise. Plus, the recipient will face the same issues of depreciation and limitations.

Selling Your Miles

If you’re still holding on to the idea that your AAdvantage miles are invaluable, it’s time to reevaluate. By selling your miles, you bypass all the convoluted rules, depreciation, and fees. You’ll get immediate, spendable cash, offering you far more freedom than miles that are subject to constant devaluation and restrictions.

So why navigate the frustrating maze of mile redemption, risking the depreciation of your hard-earned miles, when you could easily convert them into cash? Choose the smarter route: sell your miles for real value that you can use, whenever and however you wish.

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What Is the AAdvantage Elite Status?

American Airlines

The AAdvantage program from American Airlines isn’t just about collecting miles; it’s about ascending the ranks to enjoy premium perks. Achieving Elite Status can dramatically elevate your travel experience, offering unparalleled benefits. Not only does it enhance your journey, but it also brings in pivotal advantages related to mile expiration.

Elite Status isn’t handed out — it’s earned. Travelers accumulate Elite Qualifying Dollars (EQDs), Elite Qualifying Miles (EQMs), and Elite Qualifying Segments (EQSs) through their flights and associated activities. As you reach specific thresholds set by American Airlines, you qualify for different levels of Elite Status: Gold, Platinum, Platinum Pro, and Executive Platinum.

Each level, naturally, comes with its unique set of benefits. From priority boarding to free checked bags, the incentives only get better the higher you climb. One of the standout perks, especially for those concerned about mileage expiration, is the elongation of mile validity that comes with these elite tiers.

Achieving Elite Status in the AAdvantage program may seem like a game-changer, offering an extended shelf life for your miles. While Executive Platinum members’ miles never expire, attaining this status isn’t simple. It requires substantial spending and constant travel, locking you into a cycle of earning just to preserve miles whose value decreases over time.

Simply put, even Elite Status doesn’t protect you from the underlying issue: miles devalue and are often difficult to redeem as airlines constantly adjust their redemption charts. Your hard-earned miles are a depreciating asset, despite the extended expiration periods or even the complete exemption that comes with higher tiers.

Selling your miles offers a way out of this cycle, converting them into immediate, usable cash. Why keep miles that require you to spend more to maintain their fleeting value? Make the smarter choice: sell them for cash you can spend however you like.

Can American Airlines Terminate Your Account?

Can American Airlines terminate your account

Yes, like most loyalty programs, American Airlines reserves the right to terminate or suspend an AAdvantage account under specific circumstances. Let’s explore why and how this might happen, and what steps you can take to protect your miles.

Reasons for Termination

  • Fraudulent Activity: If American Airlines suspects any fraudulent activities related to your account, it can suspend or terminate it. This might include buying, selling, or transferring miles in ways that violate the program’s terms.
  • Extended Inactivity: While miles expire after 24 months of inactivity if an account remains dormant for an even more extended period, American Airlines might consider terminating the account.
  • Violation of Terms: Engaging in actions that violate the terms and conditions of the AAdvantage program, like misrepresenting information or abusing the privileges given, can lead to termination.

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Tips and Warnings

Tips to earn American Airlines miles

The world of AAdvantage miles is filled with opportunities but also comes with its set of intricacies. The key is not just to earn American Airlines miles but to ensure they serve their best purpose. Here are some pointers to help you navigate your American Airlines miles experience seamlessly:

  • Be Diligent: Often, miles expire simply because members forget about them. Set reminders or mark your calendar to check your mileage balance periodically.
  • Diversify Your Earning: Don’t rely solely on flights. Take advantage of partner offers, American Airlines credit card bonuses, and other promotions. This not only boosts your American Airlines miles but also helps reset their expiration date.
  • Redeem Smartly: Instead of splurging all your miles at once, look for special deals or promotions where you can extract more value per mile.
  • Combine with Caution: While pooling miles from multiple accounts might seem tempting, it often comes with hefty fees. Evaluate the pros and cons before proceeding.
  • Beware of Fees: Certain activities, like transferring miles or reviving expired ones, come with charges. It’s essential to be aware of these so you’re not caught off guard.
  • Stay Active: A short recap but worth stressing—ensure that you earn AAdvantage Miles or redeem miles at least once every 24 months. A minor activity can safeguard your accumulated miles.
  • Monitor Account Regularly: Regular checks can prevent any unwarranted surprises. Keep everything up-to-date and be alert to changes or suspicious activity.
  • Understand the Rules: Dive into the AAdvantage program’s terms and conditions. Knowledge is your best defense against potential mistakes or misunderstandings.
  • Unlock Real Value: If you find yourself with unused miles that you don’t plan to redeem soon, consider converting them into cash with Top Dollar Payouts. This allows you to maximize the value of your miles, turning them into tangible assets instead of letting them sit unused or expire.


American Airlines with blue sky background

Earning AAdvantage miles is not just about accumulating points; it’s about creating a portfolio of travel opportunities and experiences. However, these miles lose value over time, as American Airlines frequently adjusts the award chart, requiring more miles for the same flights. That’s why proactive management is vital. Make your miles work for you rather than letting them dwindle away unused.

If your miles are nearing expiration or you find they’re not giving you the value you anticipated, consider converting them into something more tangible. With services like Top Dollar Payouts, you can turn those idle miles into cash, ensuring they offer you real, immediate value. Make every mile count; don’t just let them accumulate, make them work for you.


Do American airline miles ever expire?

Yes, American Airlines AAdvantage miles do expire. They remain valid for 24 months from the last qualifying activity on your account. To prevent expiration, members must earn or redeem miles at least once within this two-year period. If no qualifying activity occurs within these 24 months, the miles are subject to expiration and may be lost.

Do American Airlines miles expire if you close a credit card?

Yes, closing an American Airlines-affiliated credit card doesn’t prevent your AAdvantage miles from expiring. While the miles you’ve already earned will remain in your AAdvantage account, you must still have a qualifying activity every 24 months to prevent them from expiring. Closing the card only affects future mile earnings associated with that card’s use.

How much is 7000 American Airlines miles worth?

The value of American Airlines miles can vary based on how you redeem them. On average, American Airlines AAdvantage miles are estimated to be worth between 1.2 to 2.0 cents per mile when redeemed for flights. Therefore, 7,000 miles could be worth anywhere from $84 to $140. However, the actual value may differ based on factors like route, seat availability, flight class, and current promotions.

What airline miles never expire?

Domestic airlines with non-expiring frequent flyer miles are Delta Air Lines’s SkyMiles, JetBlue’s TrueBlue, Southwest’s Rapid Rewards, and United’s MileagePlus. On the other hand, American and Alaska Airlines enforce distinct mileage expiration policies. It’s vital for travelers to be informed and proactive, especially with airlines like American and Alaska Airlines, to prevent mile lapses.