How to Transfer Chase Points to Hyatt: A Simple Guide

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Chase Ultimate Rewards points are a valuable currency for travelers. These points can be redeemed through the Chase travel portal or transferred to various airline and hotel partners, including Hyatt.

Hyatt is known for its high-quality hotels and resorts worldwide, and transferring points to the Hyatt program can help you save on stays at these properties.

In this article, we’ll guide you through transferring Chase points to Hyatt step by step and explore better options to help you maximize your rewards.

How to Transfer Chase Points to Hyatt?

The process of transferring ultimate reward points is quite simple.

  1. Log in to Your Chase Account: Go to the Chase website and log in to your account. If you have multiple Chase cards, choose the one with the points you want to transfer.

Transfer Chase Points login page

  1. Go to The Chase Ultimate Rewards page: Once logged in, find the “Ultimate Rewards” section and click on it to access your points dashboard.
  2. Select “Transfer to Travel Partners”: On the Ultimate Rewards page, look for the “Transfer to Travel Partners” option. You may need to click “Travel” or “Use Points” to find it.
Chase Transfer Points to Partners
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  1. Choose “World of Hyatt”: Scroll down to the “Hotels” section and locate “World of Hyatt.” Click on the “Transfer Points” button next to it.
  2. Enter Your Hyatt Account Information: If this is your first time transferring points to Hyatt, enter your World of Hyatt account number. Ensure the name on your Hyatt account matches the name on your Chase account.
  3. Select the Number of Points to Transfer: Enter the number of points you want to transfer from your Chase account to your Hyatt account. Note that points must be transferred in 1,000-point increments.
  4. Confirm The Transfer: Double-check all the information, then click “Confirm & Submit” to initiate the transfer. The points should appear in your Hyatt account instantly.

Remember, once you transfer points from Chase to Hyatt, you cannot transfer them back. So, be sure about your decision before confirming the transfer. Always understand the value you are getting when you transfer ultimate reward points to hotel partners.

What is The Chase to Hyatt Transfer Ratio?

Chase Ultimate Rewards points transfer to Hyatt at a 1:1 ratio, meaning that for every 1,000 Chase points you transfer, you’ll receive 1,000 World of Hyatt points.

This favorable transfer ratio allows you to maximize the value of your Chase points when redeeming them for Hyatt hotel stays.

Unlike other loyalty programs that may require more points for each partner currency unit, the 1:1 transfer ratio between Chase and Hyatt ensures that you retain the full value of your hard-earned points.

How Much Are Chase Points Worth When Transferred to Hyatt?

A hand pointing at a glowing money bag with a dollar sign, symbolizing the value of reward points.

The value of Chase points when transferred to Hyatt depends on how you redeem your World of Hyatt points. On average, World of Hyatt points are worth around 1.7 cents each, according to valuations by travel experts.

This means that transferring 10,000 Chase points to Hyatt would yield a value of approximately $170 in hotel stays. However, your actual value may be lower depending on factors such as the specific hotel, room type, and stay dates.

Are There Any Fees Charged When Transferring Chase Points to Hyatt?

No, Chase or Hyatt do not charge fees when transferring points. Chase does not impose any costs for sending the points, and Hyatt does not charge any fees for receiving them in your account.

This fee-free transfer process makes it easy and cost-effective to move your Chase points to Hyatt whenever you need them without worrying about additional expenses reducing the value of your rewards.

How Long Does It Take to Transfer Chase Points to Hyatt?

Transferring Chase points to Hyatt is generally a quick process. In most cases, the transfer should happen instantly, meaning that your World of Hyatt account will be credited with the transferred points immediately.

This immediate transfer allows you to book your Hyatt hotel stays as soon as you’ve made the transfer without any waiting period. However, the transfer may take up to 24 hours in rare situations.

If your points don’t appear in your Hyatt account within this timeframe, you should contact Chase customer support for assistance.

What Can You Do If You Cannot Transfer Chase Points to Hyatt?

If you can’t transfer your Chase points to Hyatt or if you prefer cash instead of points, selling your Chase points for cash to Top Dollar Payouts is a great option.

The value of Chase Ultimate Rewards points relies on how you use them. While cash back and statement credits are the direct redemption options, they generally offer the lowest value per point.

Top Dollar Payouts offers a straightforward process for converting your Chase points into cash. This allows you to use your rewards as you see fit at competitive rates. Click here to get started.

When to Transfer Chase Points to Hyatt?

a night view of Hotel Hyatt

Transferring Chase points to Hyatt can be smart when you want to get more value for your points. Here are some times when it makes sense to transfer:

  1. When Hyatt prices are high: If you want to book a hotel with a high cash price, transferring points can save you money.
  2. For luxury stays, Hyatt has some amazing high-end hotels. Booking these with points can give you great value compared to paying cash.

Here are a few examples of great Hyatt redemptions:

  • Park Hyatt New York: Costs over $1,000 per night, but only between 48,000-60,000 points.
  • Park Hyatt Paris-VendΓ΄me: Also very pricey, but just cost between 49,000-70,000 points per night.

Benefits of Transferring to Hyatt Hotels

Benefits of transfers include:

  1. Elite benefits: You can use your elite status perks when you book with Hyatt points. These don’t apply when booking through Chase.
  2. Saving on fees: Hyatt waives resort fees for award stays. Globalist members also get free parking. This adds up!
  3. Getting more cents per point: Chase portal bookings typically give you 1 to 1.5 cents per point. But with Hyatt, it’s often more – especially for expensive cash rates.

Always compare the cash price to the points cost. See which one gives you better value before deciding to transfer.

Chase Points Transfer Partners

Chase has several other partners to which you can transfer your points. These include airlines like:

  1. Aer Lingus AerClub
  2. Air Canada Aeroplan
  3. British Airways Executive Club
  4. Emirates Skywards
  5. Flying Blue AIR FRANCE KLM
  6. Iberia Plus
  7. JetBlue TrueBlue
  8. Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer
  9. Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards
  10. United MileagePlus
  11. Virgin Atlantic Flying Club

Hotels can be transferred to IHG Rewards Club and Marriott Bonvoy alongside World of Hyatt.

Each partner has its transfer ratio and potential sweet spots for redemptions. Researching these options can help you decide where to transfer for maximum value.

How To Sell Chase Travel Points for Cash?

Top Dollar Payouts make it simple to convert your Chase points into cash. Just follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to Top Dollar Payouts and fill out the form with your info:

TopDollarPayouts turn miles and points into dollars

  • Points you want to sell (minimum varies by program)
  • Name
  • Email
  • Loyalty program
  • Phone number

Step 2: Check your email. You’ll receive a preliminary quote in about 15 minutes. Click the link to proceed.

A Top Dollar Payouts rep will contact you to discuss the quote and negotiate a final offer. They’ll send reminders to keep things moving. Once you agree on a price, you’ll get a secure link to submit your account details for verification.

Step 3: The Top Dollar Payouts team will thoroughly review your account for any issues. After verification, they’ll process your payment:

  • PayPal: Funds in your account within a day (watch for holds)
  • Bank Wire: They’ll book a flight first, then send the money to your account

The process is easy, safe, and tailored to get you the best value for your points.

Why Sell Chase Ultimate Rewards Points for Cash?

There are several compelling reasons why someone might sell their Chase Ultimate Rewards points for cash instead of redeeming them for travel or other rewards. Here are a few common scenarios:

  1. Financial needs: If you’re facing unexpected expenses, such as medical bills or car repairs, selling your points for cash can provide a much-needed financial cushion. The money you receive can help you cover these costs without dipping into your savings or taking on debt.
  2. Infrequent travel: If you don’t travel often enough to use your accumulated points, they may be sitting idle in your account, slowly losing value due to inflation and program devaluations. By selling your points, you can convert them into tangible assets.
  3. Expiring points: Some loyalty programs have expiration policies that cause your points to disappear if you don’t have qualifying activity within a certain timeframe. If your Chase Ultimate Rewards points are nearing expiration and you don’t have immediate travel plans, selling them can ensure you get some value before they disappear.
  4. Simplifying finances: Tracking multiple loyalty program balances and redemption options can be time-consuming and complicated. Selling your points for cash can help streamline your finances and reduce the mental burden of managing various reward currencies.

Is Transferring Points Worth It?

The 1:1 transfer ratio and potential for high-end redemptions make it attractive. If you have upcoming Hyatt travel, consider moving your Chase points over.

However, selling your Chase points for cash may provide even better overall value. With services like Top Dollar Payouts, you can turn your rewards into money to use however you want – for travel or other needs.

So, while Hyatt transfers can make sense in some cases, don’t overlook the option to sell your Chase points. Request a quote from Top Dollar Payouts today to see how much your miles and points are worth! You might be surprised at how far your points can go!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Chase Ultimate Rewards Points Be Transferred to Someone Else?

Yes, there are two ways to transfer Chase Ultimate Rewards points to someone else. The first is by transferring points from your Ultimate Rewards account to a partner program, with the other person as the recipient.

This is known as an external transfer. To do this, the recipient must be a household member listed as an authorized user on your Chase credit card account. Remember that not all Chase cards allow point transfers to authorized users.

Can I transfer points to Hyatt?

You can transfer Chase Ultimate Rewards points to Hyatt at a 1:1 ratio. This means that for every 1,000 Chase points you transfer, you’ll receive 1,000 World of Hyatt points. This favorable transfer ratio allows you to maximize the value of your Chase points when redeeming them for Hyatt hotel stays.

How do I transfer my Chase reward points?

To transfer your Chase Ultimate Rewards points, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Chase account and navigate to the Ultimate Rewards portal.
  2. Find and select the “Transfer to Travel Partners” section within the portal.
  3. Choose Hyatt as your transfer partner from the list of available options.
  4. Enter the number of points you wish to transfer and the recipient’s Hyatt loyalty account information.
  5. Review the details and confirm the transfer.

How much does Chase pay for Hyatt points?

Chase does not pay for Hyatt points. Instead, you can transfer your Chase Ultimate Rewards points to your Hyatt account at 1:1. If you transfer 10,000 Chase points to Hyatt, you will receive 10,000 World of Hyatt points in return.

What hotel can you transfer Chase points to?

Chase Ultimate Rewards points can be transferred to three major hotel loyalty programs:

  1. World of Hyatt
  2. Marriott Bonvoy
  3. IHG Rewards Club

Are Chase points worth more when transferred?

In most cases, the value of Chase points remains the same when transferred to partner programs like Hyatt. However, you can potentially get more value from your points by strategically redeeming them for high-value travel options or selling them for cash through a reputable service like Top Dollar Payouts.

The user-friendly platform, expert support, and fast payment processing make converting your rewards into cash easy. Visit Top Dollar Payouts today to get a quote and learn more.